In August 2017, paid parking was introduced to the two parking areas immediately adjacent to Henley Square – the Northern Car Park (between the former Evida site (currently being redeveloped) and Stella Restaurant/Malobo), and the Southern Carpark (between Joe’s Kiosk and Henley Surf Lifesaving Club).

There is a lot of free parking available (some of it timed) within easy walking distance of the Square.

The cost in the paid parking areas is $2 per hour, with a maximum stay of 3 hours.

Parking fees can be paid at the Parking Meters located within the car park using cash or card (Visa or MasterCard), or via the PayStay App which can downloaded from the App Store on your smartphone.  More information about the PayStay App is available on line –  A short walk either further North or South from the square there are all-day parking spaces.

Additional off-street parking is available at the privately owned Henley Square Pavilion car park –   The first two hours in this carpark are free.

Motorcycle parking can be located in the North Car Park, the South Car Park (Esplanade) and on Main Street.  Designated Disability Parking Permits spaces are available in both car parks located immediately North and South of Henley Square.  The Time limit in the Disabled Parking spaces is 3 Hours and no payment is required.  If these spaces are full, permit holders can park elsewhere within the car park and receive double the time indicated on the signs, however they would need to pay at the meter.  Therefore if you hold a Disabled Parking Permit you can park for 6 hours and the fee would be $6.

For more information visit City of Charles Sturt’s info page