South Australian Living Artists Festival 2018

SALA by the Beach

Many of the shops, restaurants and cafes in Henley Beach are exhibiting a variety of art during this year’s South Australian Living Artists Festival.

The official opening of SALA by the Beach was at the Ramsgate Hotel. Click here for the photos

Some are also holding their own openings during August, and you are invited to attend.

CIBO Henley Beach, “Down by the Sea” artist Judith Klavins and Brett Conlon Monday July 30, 4-5pm

Relax Hair, Skin Body, “Relax”, artist Robbi Watt, Monday July 30, 6.30pm

Naomi Schwartz Jewellery Design Gallery, “Entropy by the Sea” various artists, jewllery and glass, Monday July 30, 6.30pm, official opening Sunday August 5, 12 – 4pm

Salt at Henley, “Oaxaca Markets”, artist Marty Cielens, Thursday August 2nd, 6-7pm

The Art Gym, Seaview Road, Opening Friday August 3rd, then open 12th (11am-12pm), 19th (3-4pm) and 24th (5.30-6.30pm. Phone Yuli on 0447 739 380 for further info.

Ramsgate Hotel, “Guided Transformation” artist Belinda Watkins, Monday July 30, 6.30pm official opening Friday August 3rd, 9.30-11.00am

Henley and Grange Arts Society, “Totems” Fraser Hay Gallery, Sunday August 5th, 2-3pm




Address: Henley Beach
Phone: 0418 891 901