Zhara Foundation Walk

zahrrunimageChallenge yourself by carrying the load for women and children affected by domestic and family violence.

In an ideal world, women and children would live safely in the comfort and security of their own homes. However, we know this is not always the case. One in three women experiencing violence and abuse at some time in their life and on average two women a week are being killed in Australian by a partner or former partner.

Many women and children are living in fear, and when attempting to leave are confronted with the possibility of poverty and homelessness. Many women are forced to flee their homes quickly, in search of safety with just a bag on their back.

We want to recognise their bravery and their determination in taking this life changing step. To represent and acknowledge the struggle of these women and children we are asking you to run or walk 4k’s carrying a bag of your chosen weight. It could be 2, 5 or 10 kilos? You will be provided with a weighed sandbag of your nominated weight at the start of the event.

We will start and finish in Henley Square by running or walking along the beach to Grange Jetty. It is a family friendly event with all welcome. Register as a team or family and save!

More info about the event here

7am – 12pm

Address: Henley Square
Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1945256745700709